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We provide an education appropriate to the needs of three and four year olds. It contributes to the physical growth, to the social and emotional experience and to the aesthetic and intellectual development of each child. We do not see nursery education merely as a preparation for more formal schooling. It is rather an opportunity to provide a stimulating yet secure environment in which children's individual differences and needs can be recognized and met, so that all aspects of their growth and development are promoted.

Photo Each child is given opportunities to:

  • Settle smoothly into the nursery environment.
  • Enjoy good relationships with other children and with adults.
  • Develop confidence , independence and self-discipline.
  • Uses his or her initiative.
  • Play alone or as part of a group.
  • Respect others and acquire social skills.
  • Experience success and enjoy the consequent satisfaction of achievement.
  • Develop at his or her own rate through challenging, progressive play.
  • Express themselves and be creative through the exploration of a wide variety of materials and equipment.
  • Experience the pleasure of books, stories, poetry, song, drama, movement and music.
  • Experience the wonder of science and the natural world.
  • Make an informed choice from a range of activities and materials available.
  • Have fun - Children who are not happy will not learn effectively.

Learning Activities

We have a wide curriculum designed to give each child as broad and rich an experience as possible. Throughout the year children are given the opportunity to take part in a range of activities including the following:

  • Outdoor and indoor gardening including growing our own vegetables.
  • Cooking and baking.
  • Visits to the local libraries, Pantomime, Santa's Grotto, Harrisons Hollows Woodland School (onsite), Lurgan Fire Station etc.
  • Walking to the local shop to purchase groceries.
  • Visits from our community police officer, road safety officer, local musicians etc.
  • Listening to and taking part in music, song, poetry, stories, movement and drama.
  • Participating in a concert at Christmas and in the summer term.
  • Imaginative play in a variety of situations e.g. house, shop, hospital, office, post office, vet etc.
  • Physical play with a variety of climbing and balancing equipment, wheeled toys, ball games, large constructions blocks etc.
  • Working with natural materials such as clay, sand, water and wood.

The activities listed above are only a snapshot of those available.

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